Terms and Conditions of Use

Reservation and purchase

In order to purchase items from LAMOLE snc's "Shop Ristoro di Lamole" online, the Customer must access the dedicated area of ​​the Site.
Each sales item is accompanied by a photo with relative details, a description and relative price.
Within the e-shop you can select and purchase the individual items offered, with a minimum purchase of € 50.00 excluding shipping

It will be sufficient to indicate the quantity of the desired items, any capacity in ml and click on "Add to cart" to add the item to the virtual shopping cart.
You can add, cancel or confirm all bookings made up to the time of payment.

In order to confirm the order, the Customer must enter all the personal data necessary for billing and shipping without registration even if recommended for future purchases.

The purchase will be considered completed for Lamole snc only when payment has been received and an order acceptance notification will be sent by email

In the event of any problem, even temporary, of one or more products, the Customer will be promptly informed via e-mail on the updating of the order in progress.

Selling price

For each item, the unit sales price is indicated, expressed in €, including VAT, excluding shipping costs which will be calculated at the end of the order based on the delivery address.

Terms of payment

For the payment, the Customer can use the following methods:

- Advance Bank Transfer to the coordinates present at the end of the order

- Credit card of the following circuits: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and all the circuits accepted by the PAYPAL system


The transaction will be carried out in compliance with the banking security rules and everything will take place via PAY PAL site with the highest security standard in the world against fraud and data theft, in no case LAMOLE SNC will have access to your credit card data.