Brand: Ristoro di Lamole

Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP invecchiato “ Terra del Tuono”

Our balsamic vinegar igp of Modena is produced by the company Terra del Tuono. It is a blend of grape must cooked and aged for many years in oak barrels and red wine vinegar, selected exclusively for our shop, has an intense flavor, harmonious with good acidity, has a deep black color. Suitable for enriching carpaccio, pinzimoni, fresh salads and can be...

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Brand: Fattoria di Lamole

Fattoria di Lamole “Castello di Lamole” Chianti Classico DOCG 2015

Castello di Lamole" Chianti Classico is produced from the vineyard of the same name below the small village of Lamole, at a height of about 500 meters above sea level. where the Sangiovese grape gives small bunches of great quality, aimed at producing a Chianti Classico of great complexity and finesse. The winery's strategy is to release the wines only...

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List of products by brand Le Macchiole

First winery in Bolgheri to plant Syrah and to vinify in purity Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Le Macchiole winery over the years has given wines which have impressed for their precision and intensity,

never losing brilliance and elegance, notes that distinguish the wines produced by Cinzia, the owner, at the helm of the winery since 2002.

Paleo, Messorio and Scrio are single varietal expressions of Cabernet franc, Merlot and Syrah respectively, masterpieces of elegance, recognizable as unique in their being, powerful but at the same time vibrant and never boring, all of them are unique in their being.

vibrant and never boring, all qualities achieved also thanks to an absolute prohibition of chemical products in the vineyard and to a meticulous work in the cellar.

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