Brand: Ristoro di Lamole

Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP invecchiato “ Terra del Tuono”

Our balsamic vinegar igp of Modena is produced by the company Terra del Tuono. It is a blend of grape must cooked and aged for many years in oak barrels and red wine vinegar, selected exclusively for our shop, has an intense flavor, harmonious with good acidity, has a deep black color. Suitable for enriching carpaccio, pinzimoni, fresh salads and can be...

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Brand: Giri di Vite

Giri di Vite “ Tre Calvi “ Toscana Rosso IGT 2018

The "Tre Calvi" produced by Giri di Vite is produced in very small quantities from one of the best areas of Radda in Chianti, composed by three grapes, Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, it tells us about what the sun of Radda can give to grapes: fruity intensity, silky and captivating tannic texture all completed by an intense minerality. These...

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List of products by brand Querciabella

It all began around "Vigna della Querciabella" a small vineyard adjacent to the house bought by Giuseppe Castiglioni with the idea and hope of making a good wine for himself and his friends,

but Querciabella had much more in store for the Castiglioni family which, thanks to Sebastiano's wide and far-sighted vision, has become one of the most important wineries of the Italian wine scene.

At the winery they were already talking about Biodynamic and Vegan when these terms were not yet so common in the oenological lexicon and with the help of the company's historic Agronomist D'Alessandro and Oenologist Manfred Ing

we produce wines of great aromaticity, powerful but at the same time elegant and with a recognizable acidity.

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Brand: Querciabella

Querciabella “Batar” 2019

Batar white wine is produced in the Ruffoli area in Greve in Chianti, from vineyards managed under Biodynamic agriculture, which are located at an altitude of 350-600 meters above sea level. Querciabella's Batar is a Tuscan white wine made from a blend of Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay. Thanks to the aging in barrique, the wine acquires a structure and a...

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